The Mulberry Made to Last Manifesto

To mark their 50th anniversary year, Mulberry announces the launch of the Made to Last Manifesto, laying out an ambitious commitment to transform the business to a regenerative and circular model, encompassing the entire supply chain, from field to wardrobe by 2030. Launched on World Earth Day, 22nd April 2021, with an open letter and digital campaign, the Mulberry Made to Last Manifesto asks a series of bold, challenging, and sometimes uncomfortable questions, that are responded to with honesty and intention. 

Over the last 50 years Mulberry has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing leather goods in the UK, but in 2021 they are taking this moment to ask the question ‘Can leather ever be sustainable?’. To answer this, they are looking at every part of their supply chain to embed principles of regeneration and circularity at every stage. Acknowledging the environmental issues associated with cattle farming, Mulberry believes the continuation of a long and successful association with leather is dependent on achieving full traceability from farm to finished product, allowing them to put in place a network of organic and environmentally conscious farms to supply the hides that create their leather. This hyper-local, hyper-transparent network will provide the foundations of their regenerative and circular supply chain, with the brand due to release their first ‘farm to finished product’ bag collection later this year.

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